Focused Recovery Solutions

Focused Recovery Solutions, Inc. (FRS) has been successfully serving credit grantors in the Mid-Atlantic since 1993. Our combination of the latest computer and telephony technology and experienced staff allows us to provide you with the most effective results at a reasonable cost. Paid stamp
You only pay for results.


FRS' professional approach to expediting debt recovery begins with a series of personalized letters combined with telephone communication to maximize debtor contact while maintaining a professional approach.  FRS representatives clearly convey to the debtors what is expected regarding payment.  Letters are generated automatically through our computer system, at timed intervals.

You can expect:
  • Full letter and call center service
  • Pre-collection letters and phone calls
  • Nationwide credit reporting
  • Nationwide skip tracing
  • Legal referral capability
  • Strong relationships with our client
  • Commitment to our employees
The benefits to you:
  • Increased cash flow
  • Patient goodwill
  • Reduction of billing and collection expenses
  • Increased profits
  • Reduction or reassignment of FTE's
  • Technology enhancements
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