President's Message

Whether you are a potential client that needs assistance with aged and delinquent receivables, or a consumer who has encountered difficulty with resolution of an account, for any reason, our team wants you to feel welcome. If you are a potential client, you will quickly discern that we have all of the functionality, scalability, and experience necessary to efficiently and productively liquidate your accounts with above industry return rates. If you are a consumer, you will see that we provide several options to resolve your account. We respect your dignity and value your feedback. 

Our 30 years in this business has caused us to conclude that the best possible result for the Client is usually the best possible result for the Consumer. That can sometimes mean a lump sum settlement, a payment arrangement over time, or resolution of a disputed account. At this state in the revenue cycle, however, success at its very core is dependent on starting a conversation. 

Our clients have entrusted us with over 5 million accounts with a dollar volume of approximately 3 trillion dollars over the last 25 years. Our success is based on our common-sense approach in getting that initial conversation started. We'll take care of your accounts. It is a responsibility on which we have built our company, and a responsibility we gladly accept.

— Charles A. Gavin, President