At The Focused Group, we utilize the latest technologies and tools to yield greater returns on your delinquent accounts. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that produce impressive results and streamline the billing and collection processes.


  • Automated Electronic data transfer
  • Accounts are acknowledged within three business days of placement
  • Validation letter is sent on day one as required by FDCPA
  • 1st call is made within five (5) days of letter being sent
  • Continued calls up to 3/week
  • Additional letters mailed on balances over $500
  • Credit reporting initiated at day 45 of placement (account must be aged 180 days from date of service)
  • Scoring of accounts for legal referral for pursuit of collection through judgment, liens and garnishments utilizing a strategic alliance with Cawthorn, Deskevich & Gavin, P.C.
  • Your complete revenue cycle can be managed by our office